CRM 2013 Plugin Registration Tool – Connect to CRM Online

[If you are looking for the new SP1 Plugin Registration Tool, check this update. The article below is for the first release of the CRM 2013 SDK]

On my last post I explained how to connect to CRM Online using the CRM Developer ToolKit from sdk 2013. I’ve seem some people having trouble connecting to CRM online using the Plugin Registration Tool. I believe in most cases is a confusion with the disco url. For CRM online you should use “” for all CRM Online instances or accounts. The user ID will point you to the right instance.

Here is how it is done or at least how its been working for me:

When you unzip the sdk 2013, the tool will be on the SDK/bin folder:

double click  “PluginRegistration.exe”


Create a new connection and fill with this information:


Label: Just pick a relevant name like “mycrmonline”

Discovery URL:  (*This applies to every one using CRM online)

User Name: (this is the what you enter for user id when you login to your crm online)

Click “Connect” and Enter your password. Click OK.

It should now display your organisation:


Double-Click your organisation. It will grey out for a few seconds and open up like this:


You should now be able to register/unregister plugins and sandboxed workflows.

Hope it helps!







3 thoughts on “CRM 2013 Plugin Registration Tool – Connect to CRM Online

  1. Lakshmi

    I tried the same way as above to connect to crm 2013 online but still not able to connect .
    Receving the error message as ” No Organizations were retrieved , You may not have permissions to any organizations on this deployment.”

    Please help me .Thank in advance.

    1. Bruno Post author

      Sorry for taking so long to answer. I’ll need more info. Can you login on the CRM site with this credentials? do you have admin privileges. This error sometimes happen from caching. the wrong credentials get stuck on the tool. try to delete any existing profile. On the same folder where you find the PluginRegistration.exe, you can find a file called Connections that stores the credentials


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