JQuery vs SDK.REST on CRM Forms

I’m a big fan of JQuery and like every modern JavaScript Developer, when faced with developing nice cross-browser compliant web applications, I turn to Jquery.

While studying for the CRM certification exams, I came across this MSDN page that very clearly says:

“Use jQuery with HTML web resources. We recommend that you use jQuery together with HTML web resources to provide user interfaces because it is an excellent cross-browser library.

With HTML web resources, you control the libraries that are present and there is no restriction against manipulating the DOM. Feel free to use jQuery within your HTML Web resources.

Avoid using jQuery with form scripts or ribbon commands. We do not recommend using jQuery in form scripts and ribbon commands.”


I have been working with CRM for quite a few years for now, and I have seen many implementations, the majority of which use JQuery everywhere.

For customizing forms, try the library SDK.REST.js . It is found in the CRM SDK and can be download here:


It is actually pretty simple to use. It is also Worth mentioning that if you really need any CRUD operations on a CRM Form, You can accomplish the same task by creating a hidden field that triggers a workflow or plugin to do the same job as custom JavaScript code.


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