Dynamics CRM 2015 and many other related upgrades not far away

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, as well as updates to its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing services, will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2014. Considering we are in September, there is not much time left!


If you are still digesting all the spring ’14 release, there’s some more exciting upgrades coming:

New Email editor for Dynamics Marketing:


Just found that when I was on the middle of writing a blog article comparing Click dimensions with Dynamics Marketing. Even though Dynamics Marketing covers many other areas that ClickDimensions don’t, the Email editor was not as powerful (not by much).

Look like this upcoming upgrade is going to make difficult denying that Dynamics Marketing is taking the position #1 for the prime marketing and email add-on for Dynamics CRM.

The CRM Outlook Client is also getting upgrades. The Outlook Configuration wizard has been redesigned to make crm outlook configuration simpler. The Release Preview Guide mentions “The new Configuration Wizard also makes it easy to add and manage additional CRM organizations.”

You can find a lot more on the Release Preview Guide:







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