CRM 2013 SP1 New Plugin Registration Tool – Connect to CRM Online

The new SDK for CRM 2013 SP1 has some upgrades for our favourite tools. Starting with the Plugin registration tool, they’ve added a region drop down to try eliminate a confusion with the discovery end point. When you unzip the sdk, you will notice the tool is back to its own folder (last release it was hiding under the Bin folder).


Double click PluginRegistration.exe


Notice now that “Discovery URL” has been replaced by “Online Region”. If you know where you are and select the correct region, the tool will connect faster. If you are somewhere between the continents and you’ve tried what you expected to be the correct address but still can’t connect, try to select the option “Don’t Know”

Old 2013 Plugin Registration tool: New 2013 SP1 Plugin Registration tool:
2509c 2509d

“Don’t Know” will try all of the available addresses until it find where you are.


 Location  Discovery Web service URL  Identity Provider
 North America  Microsoft account  Microsoft Office 365
 EMEA  Microsoft account  Microsoft Office 365
 APAC  Microsoft account  Microsoft Office 365
 South America  Microsoft Office 365

The username and password will be on the email you received when you purchased the service. I’m not sure how to get though “Microsoft Account” this days. If you sign-up for the trial it will be an Office 365.


You will know for sure that you have an Office 365 account if you see this after login


If you login without problems and you have only one organisation, it will go straight into that organisation.


Once in, it is basically the same with the new dynamics visual.


If you get an error, it will provide an error log.



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