Try Dynamics Marketing, Power BI and Office 365 E3 along with CRM trial (PART 1)

I’ve been to the MS Dynamics Partner Boot camp early this month and now it’s time to go for the second part next week to check what is new for PowerBI and Dynamics Marketing. For whoever is going to attend similar events or just want to check those features, here it is how to get a trial set for all of this. (Except Social Listening).

If you will use this for training, demo or a time limited event, I would highly suggest that you set it on the day before and test it. Sometimes some of this services may not build\deploy correctly and you will have time to try again.

First Create a CRM trial as usual. At this stage, if you want to test CRM with PowerBI, set the CRM region to the United States.

Once you reach the Office 365 screen, on the left, click “Purchase Services”


We can start getting the “Office 365 enterprise E3” Trial:


You should receive a confirmation screen:


Next, Back to “Purchase Services”, we will choose “Power BI for Office 365 with SharePoint Online (Plan 2) with Yammer:


And finally get Dynamics Marketing:


This trials will build up and after a short while you should have all of this done. But sometime if may take longer or one of this features will get stuck building on the background


Now, let’s take a look on the Power BI. Go to and click on “sign in”:


You will get a prompt similar to the CRM or Office 365 Portal:


Once in, we need to point to the CRM by adding the REST\Odata end point:


To get the CRM REST end point, go to your newly created CRM trial and click Settings >Customizations > Developers Resources:


Select the REST endpoint:


Now, add that endpoint url to the “Service URL” and enter the CRM user Credentials:


After that, Select Authentication Method “oAuth2”:


It will take a while to load the CRM data and than you can finally have a play with that:


I’ll add some more about it on my next Post. Before closing your browser, check your Dynamics Marketing Trial. Here is a Post I published a while ago on how to send Marketing Emails with Dynamics marketing when the trial was available only for partners:



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