CRM 2015 Online Update 1 – Rollup Fields and Business Rules enhancements

Starting with Rollup Fields, we can now perform calculations using the AVG operator and aggregating data across all activities related to a record. On this example. I created a field that calculates the average time to complete activities for one account


Let’s enable this rollup field and create 3 activities totaling an “actual duration” of 120 min  upon completion…


The Rollup Field calculated an average of 40 min spent to complete each activity.


Another new feature is the ability to “clear” a field using Business Rules.


Here is a very simple example. I created this rule to “clear” the phone field if the value entered on the account name is equal “anonymous”.

First create an account using a normal account name:


After changing “Account Name” value to “anonymous”, the rules kick and clear the value of the “phone” field.



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