Deprecation of the CRM SharePoint List Component

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team announced that CRM 2015 Update 1 will deprecate the List Component as a result of SharePoint’s deprecation of the sandbox solution, a dependency of the List Component. (Click here for more)

It’s time to get prepared for the transition if you use the component list or if you have customers using it. The migration will be simple as long the SharePoint file locations are all correct.

Probably the worse news goes for the users that have folders with several documents under it. Server side will flatten all the documents to one level

Server side integration offers CRM Custom views but it is no longer an IFRAME displaying SharePoint. You won’t be able to use actions performed though SharePoint. If you have done any special customisations from the SharePoint side, you may not be able to use it after upgrading to server side integration. To find more about the differences, check here this awesome post from Scott Durow.


The component list is still out there. I tried that on a brand-new trial with crm 2015 online and have managed to use it just to demo the upgrade for server side integration. Even if CRM2015-SharePointList2013-ENU-amd64 could still possibly work fine for a 2015 Update 1, it’s time to move to server side integration or code your own solution.

You can find instruction to switch to server side integration here:

The instructions are pretty much to set up server side integration just like normal. Before start, you may want to deactivate the outdated SharePoint site records because the wizard will try to validate that.


Once you start, it will check if you have been using  absolute URLs. If so, you will have to fix it and start over.


This is how Document Locations with absolute URL look:


You need to replace that with a Relative URL:


Next screen will give you a choice to point to a Online or On-Premises SharePoint site.


If you have been using the component list and have several SharePoint site locations, The wizard will check it here. Good time to review if you have any old redundant locations.




All done!


Now you can see the SharePoint style is gone. And the folder has been removed. The hightlighetd files were under a folder.



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